Bee Trade Finance

$BTF: 0x108aAd0Fac57435Ed4bd2AAFBBF1808BAd586589

Bee Trade Finance Network is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer hybrid cryptocurrency exchange for the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem built on EVM.


To properly inform all investors on how to be become and remain financially free by creating diverse income streams and thereby grow their returns exponentially to a level of becoming self sustainable, steadfastly profiting system of wealth creation that they are totally in charge of.


Sensitizing and empowering every interested person to become self dependent through financial education and empowerments so they can transform into their better selves, which will eventually lead them to generating multiple streams of income so as to keep up with the standard of the modern day societal standards. We want to give everyone a chance of keeping pace with the modern day life with all round wellness


To make provision for sustainable and replicable wealth building opportunities for the emerging generation through the A.I and block chain technology so as to maximize their lives to the optimum.

IPFS or Interplanetary.

IPFS or Interplanetary File System maintains a snapshot of the latest state of balance transfers. In case the hardware is corrupted or the network access is lost or if the operator itself is compromised or turns a bad actor, blockchain rejects all future transfers from the orderbook and returns the funds to its users within 12 seconds, the fastest recovery mechanisms available in the market today. This acts like an insurance policy for the entire exchange

Token Features

$BTF has a lot of features that ensure the value is not abused, as it was designed for multiple functions.

Built on the Avalanche Network

Our $BTF token was built on the avalanche network, which is is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol..

1.08 Billion Capped Total Supply

The $BTF token has a total supply of 1.08 Billion tokens. this supply can only decrease through burning fees, and cannot be minted.

Strong Community

The BTrade Finance Network has a very active and strong Community which is determined to see the growth and establishment of the $MFN Network. Make to to join any of our social media platforms.

$BTF Orderbook dApp

We have an Hybrid Decentralized Application which is built on the Avalanche network and uses the $BTF token as it's base currency.

Lower Network Fees

The $BTF token has lower transaction fees compared to other tokens as it was built on the AVAX network which features lower minimal gas fees...

Auto Burn on Every Transaction

0.0001% of $BTF is burn on every transaction. The burning continues until at least 30% of the whole supply is burned. This Causes scarcity if the token in the future thereby increasing it's value.

Our ICO Roadmap

The team of Bee Trade Finance Network have come up with a well defined to roadmap to ensure the success of this project.

Website Launch

December, 2021

The Website for the Bee Trade Finance will be launched using web3 technology.

Token Creation

December, 2021

The Smart contract Code for the $BTF Token will be deployed on the avalanche network.


December, 2021

Marketing campaigns will be run and the community will be actively built.

DEX Launch

January, 2022

Hybrid Base DEX launch (BETA).

App Release

February, 2022

Release Android/iOS Application of DEX (After Full Launch).

More Trading Options

February, 2022

Add Facilities Margin / Future Trading Services.

Mainnet Launch

March, 2022

Launch Mainnet And Mobile Wallet...


April, 2022

More Partnership Projects To Run Full Echo System.


Our Team spent months trying to find the right token structure / distribution which will make sure that this project is a success. we have come up with the following tokenomics:

Token Allocation

More Token Info

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